Nepal VS Bangladesh Friendly Match 2012 Live Streaming

A 31-member Bangladesh National Team has just arrived at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal to take part in a friendly match series against Nepal National Team in Kathmandu.
ANFA VP and ANFA spokesperson Lalit Krishna Shrestha and ANFA member Ramesh Rayamajhi welcomed the team at the airport.
The two match friendly match series is scheduled on September 20 at 5 PM NST at Dasrath Stadium.

  The ticket price will be Rs.500 and Rs.200 for closed and open parafit respectively.


-Bhola Silwal

Match in Progress
Nepal Vs Bangladesh Friendly
20-Sep-2012 05:00 PM NST
Dasrath Stadium
-Zahid Hossian
2nd Half:
90+3':FULL TIME. Nepal 1 Bangladesh 1. Thanks For Being With Us.. We will see you in other matches.

90+1':Biraj Maharjan is injured and is being treated. Just a minute left. Nepal 1 Bangladesh 1
90':Three minutes of added time.

88':Rupesh KC sets up a pass to Bhola Silwal, latter is ambitious, left footed shot but the ball goes too far away. Nepal 1 Bamgladesh 1

87':Abdul Baten IN, Sakil Ahmed OUT - Bangladesh Substitution

86':Sujal Shrestha IN, Bharat Khawas OUT - Nepal Substitution

85':Nepal earns a free kick, Can Nepal score a goal here? Free kick by Sagar Thapa but not that good.

83':Time is ticking away, the score is stalemate. The pace of the match has gone high

82':MITHUN HOSSAIN tries a tricky shot, goalie Kiran Chemjong is beaten but the ball goes little above the bar. Nepal 1 Bangladesh 1

81':The condition of the pitch is not that good but players are serving an entertaining football. Bhola Silwal tries long ranger but the ball goes too wide.

80':RUPESH KC IN, RAJU TAMANG OUT - Nepal Substitution

78':Anil Gurung is yellow carded for a foul - Nepal Yellow Card

77':Good cross by Sagar Thapa, Bijaya Gurung goes for a header but he is a short man, fails to head the ball properly. Nepal 1 Bangladesh 1

71':Zahid Hossain OUT, SAHEDUL ALAM IN - Bangladesh Substitution

70':20 mins remaining, can Nepal score more goals here? What do you think?

68':Sagar Thapa.. Can he bend it like Thapa? Nope, he shoots the ball little above the bar.PRANOTOSH is yellow carded for a foul. Yellow Card

66':Anil Gurung is fouled, Nepal earns a free kick, Let's see if Nepal doubles the tally. Are you ready for the kick?

65':Now we can see three man strikers from Nepal side, complete attacking game. Now we can see 3-4-3 formation!

64':Sandip Rai OUT, Anil Gurung IN - NEpal

63':Zahif Hossain is again on the move but this time Rohit Chand blocks him well. Nepal 1 Bangladesh 1

61':Brilliant cross by Biraj Maharjan, goalie Maksudur Rahman spills the ball, Bhola Silwal gets the rebounded ball, powerful left footed shot, GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Nepal 1 Bangladesh 1 GOAL Bhola Silwal

59':Robin Shrestha shoots the ball too wide from the left flank, leaving Nepalese supporters under huge frustration. Bangladesh 1 Nepal 0.

57':Corner kick to Nepal, Biraj Mahasrjan kicks the ball, good one, goal mouth melee, too many Bengali defenders, Jumanu Rai fails to guide the ball. Referee whistles for a foul too. Bangladesh 1 Nepal 0

56':Jumanu Rai IN, Bimal Gharti Magar OUT - Nepal

55':Jumanu Rai is about to enter the field.

 Zahid Hossan is playing good game for Bangladesh, he is the goal scorer. Bharat Khawas passes the ball to Bimal Gharti Magar, Bengali defender Zahid clears the ball. 

 Another dangerous move from Bangladesh, Zahid Hossan is now one vs one with goalie, Kiran. This time, Chemjong dives well to save the ball. Bangladeshi have intensified the attacks.

 Wait... Oh what a blunder, Zahid Hossan beats goalie Kiran but Robin Shrestha saves the ball just outside the goal line.

There is no change in the team list after second half. Remember, Bangladesh are leading by a goal.

   Second half starts.. Bangladesh 1 Nepal 0 

1st Half:
45': Half time .Bangladesh 1-0 Nepal.

43': GOAL form Bangladesh . Zahid Hussian Scores a goal through freekick.

39':Panotosh! What a shot! THUNDERBOLT! What a brilliant save by goalie Kiran Chemjong. One hand save! Nepal survives a goal here.
38':Jagjeet Shrestha OUT, Bijaya Gurung IN - NEPAL Substitution

36':Bimal is looking sharp today, he is causing trouble to Bengali defenders. Nepal are yet to open the firing. Nepal 0 Bangladesh 0

33':Zahid Hasan makes a dreadful tackle to Sandip Rai, back tackle but referee doesn't see it. Should have been bookable offense. 

32':Another lovely move from Nepal, Bimal Gharti magar plays one touch pass to Bharat Khawas, powerful left footed shot from 25 yard distance, the ball little above the bar.

31':Lovely one touch pass between Bharat Khawas and Bimal Gharti Magar, oh ho! so tight! Line 1 referee Padam Bhujel raises the flag for off side.

30':30 mins gone, Nepal are playing much better game. Nepal 0 Bangladesh 0.

28':Likonon is playing good in the flank for Bangladesh, this time also, he gets the ball from mid but Rohit chand clears the ball from the box.

27':Waly Faisal is yellow carded for a foul to Bimal Ghari Magar - Bangladesh 
Yellow Card

25':It's not that electrifying environment here. We are yet to hear Nepal..Nepal....Nepal are dominating the field. Nepal 0 Bangladesh 0

24': Good going on from Nepal. Gorkhalis are pressing hard for a breakthrough. Good cross by Robin Shrestha from the flank but Waly Faisal clears the ball from the D-box.

23': No any big Chances have come from both the teams .

20': Nepal is keeping ball with them and are very confident. The ball possesion is 60-40%.

17': A long pass from Sagar thapa bur cleared by Banglas and throw in for Nepal

15': Nepalese are playing very smoothly with the short passes and is not giving any chances to the opposition what so ever.

14': Sagar thapa with the ball passes to Bharat. OH!!! its Offside

11': Nepalese are lloking confident today.Here is the throw in for Banglas Nepal had got the ball and a straight shor from Jagjeet Shrestha to the hands of Rehman.

8': Good chance here for Nepal, brilliant chance here, Bhola Silwal gives a neat pass to Bharat Khawas goes for a header, poor connection with the ball, Jagjeet Shrestha reaches to the ball but is left footed shot goes wide off the target.

7':Namunul Miya fouls and free kick to Nepal..... here's the chance for Bhola Silwal but can't connect to the ball.

6': Corner and a powerful shot by Banglas Captain but is too far from the post.

5': Banglas are being dangerous and here's the shot and is corner to Bangali tigers.

3': Zahid with the ball in the Nepalese d-box but cant utilize it and Chemjong gets the ball.

2':Free  kick to Nepal but cleared by the Banglas.

And here's the wistle blows and match has been started.

The National anthem is being played . First the Bangladesh National Anthem and then the Nepal's anthem will be played. The match will be started in 5 mins after.Stay tuned 
Nepal are wearing blue Jersey and Bangladesh are wearing the red.

Nepal: Sandip, Kiran, Bhola, Sagar, Bharat, Robin, Rohit, Bimal, Biraj, Jagjeet, Raju  

Bangladesh: Maksudur, Zahid, Waly, Pranotosh, Namunul, Nasir, Shakil, Atiqur, Linkon, Zahid

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