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Twenty- Twenty World Cup is the one of the most awaited events by the cricket lovers and it has begun in Sri Lanka from Today and it was able to bring the attention of all cricket Lovers from all over the World. The short span of the game, the skittish and perky crowd cheering up for their favourites, cricketers hitting sixes and fours every now and then and the beautiful cheerleaders encouraging the cricketers to hit more of them ,are some sights that are exclusive to the T-20 format of the game. 

What makes ICC Twenty -Twenty World Cup stand out from other 20-20 cricket games is that it is one event that sees international participation like any other major cricketing event but is still more entertaining than most of them especially to the generation that has no time to sit glued to the television screens for hours awaiting result of a crucial game.

Twenty -Twenty format of cricket has invited criticism ever since it came to the fore on account of it being responsible for the poor performance of the cricketers in other formats of the game that are supposedly more refined and important. But the fans and followers of the event are not affected and it is still anticipated with a lot of craze and excitement amidst cricket lovers. The tournament is one of the most awaited sporting events of the year 2012.

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