Sony confirms PS4 launch date as 29th November

The PlayStation 4 will arrive in Europe on 29th November 2013, Sony today confirmed.
The console will launch two weeks earlier in the US, hitting shops on 14th November. In total, it will come to 32 countries in the 2013 “holiday period”. As previously announced, it will cost £349.
The news was announced by Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House at this evening’s Gamescom press conference in Cologne. House also revealed that, worldwide, the PS4 has been pre-ordered over a million times already.
The conference was a somewhat low key affair all told, with no big reveal of a blockbuster PS4 exclusive title – a new Uncharted sequel for instance. Instead – and possibly this is a measure of Sony’s confidence in its new console and boldness stemming from Microsoft’s repeated Xbox One PR blunders – the company focussed on revealing a slew of indie games and looking more deeply into previously announced titles.
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