Day 2 in the Celebrity Big Brother 12 house

Catch up from the past 24 hours in the  Big Brother house, and share your thoughts on the day 2 highlights.
Key highlights from tonight’s show:
• Housemates are waking up in the Celebrity Big Brother house for the first time.
• Bruce brings Vicky tea in their bed, which is in the garden.
• The Cult of Celebrity is given new white clothes to wear which they like.
• Big Brother tells Lauren, Sophie and Louie that they must choose one housemate from the three names that they are considering putting up for eviction. Ron, Courtney or Carol will face the first public vote.
• In the bedroom, Charlotte reveals she was a bit drunk last night and that she’s become a lightweight. Carol says, ‘The Geordie Shore viewers will think you’ve changed!’
• Mario and Danielle are having tea for two; they both say they like Carol. Danielle tells Mario he’s a nice chap, he replies, ‘Don’t tell anyone that…’
• Ron asks Danielle about her show in Dublin, she says that it’s about ‘four complete f*ckwits’ and her.
• Charlotte tells Ron that filming for her show gets a bit boring.
• In the garden, Lauren reveals to Sophie and Louie that she’s been celibate for six years. Both Sophie and Louie reply that they couldn’t last that long.
• Lauren says she just wants people to see transgender people, as people, not a name. Sophie admires her.
• Charlotte tells Big Brother that Ron is her favourite housemate, and reminds her of Santa. She goes onto say that Courtney fascinates her, ‘She’s a human stick woman.’
• Dustin reveals that he used to go to Johnny Cash’s house for Christmases, Vicky and Bruce are both amazed by this.
• Courtney tells Danielle she would normally have tofu salads for lunch.
• Sophie admits to her cult housemates hat she now thinks Courtney is a sweet girl and she thinks she has made a mistake by selecting her to potentially face the first public vote.
• In the garden, Abz tells Mario that he has a tour in November but nothing else planned after Christmas.
• In the bedroom, Courtney reveals that her implants are so heavy that she must wear a bra, else they will start sagging.
• Lauren tells Sophie that she wish she had appreciated they money she earned when she was younger. Sophie said she will never earn the money she did when she was at the peak of modelling but she is now happy.
• Dustin reveals to Carol and Courtney that he’s starred in over 70 TV commercials. Carol admits she’s done one TV commercial for a boiler company.
• In the tree house, Charlotte and Dustin talk about how they fart in front of their partners.
• There are some awkward silences when Danielle ties to make conversation with Ron in the garden.
• The Cult of Celebrity is gathered to make their decision on whom to put up for eviction and face the first public vote. They all agree on Ron, Louie says he doesn’t have much in common with him.
• Lauren, Louie and Sophie re-enter the main house separately, via a secret door. They claim they have only just come into the house and have been in a hotel. Louie is asked by Big Brother to give a bottle of champagne to Ron, to indicate the Cult’s nomination decision.
• Mario believes that these three housemates have been in a secret room; Charlotte tells him he’s being too paranoid.
• Big Brother gathers all the housemates on the sofas to tell them that the public have been voting for which celebrity they want to see face the first public vote, Ron’s name is revealed. Big Brother continues to say that over the next two days viewers will continue to vote for housemates to join Ron, to face the first eviction (this a lie – the cult will continue to nominate).
• Charlotte says she feels like crying because Ron is facing eviction; Mario comforts her and thinks that Louie, Lauren and Sophie nominated Ron.
• Charlotte takes her anger out on a chocolate cake as she’s angry that Ron is up for eviction. Bruce and Carol aren’t impressed that she destroyed the cake.
• Louie tells Big Brother that lying isn’t hard, ‘Just keep talking, if that fails do the splits!’
• Louie lies to Carol that there was only a small live audience and that he just met Emma as he entered the house tonight.
• Sophie reveals to Big Bother that she is a terrible liar but thinks she was successful this evening. She continues to say, that Abz is suspicious of the three new housemates and Ron may feel hurt that he’s the first housemate up for eviction.
• On the stairs, Carol is telling Louie about who Ron is, as he doesn’t know anything about the ex-football manager.
• Abz tells Big Brother that there’s a lot of good energy in the house and people are being nicer to him. He believes people have game plans and is looking forward to nominating. ‘I’m an observer Big Brother; this is going to be interesting.’

Key quotes from tonight’s show

1. Louie is in the diary room talking to Big Brother.
Louie: “I don’t have a problem nominating these people; it’s what we’ve got to do. If someone puts me up I wouldn’t give a sh*t, so what it’s a game! I’m playing a game, someone’s got to go.”
2. Carol is in the diary room talking to Big Brother.
Carol: “I love Charlotte but I can see she might get a bit too much, she pretends to be drafter than she is. Vicky is a bit abrasive, I think people may take her the wrong way; she had a go at Charlotte about wanting another drink. I can say anything to Charlotte and she won’t get p*ssed off. Courtney I will have to tread a bit carefully, I think could get easily upset and I won’t ask Ron about the incident that got him off TV and radio as it’s not necessary, if he brings it up I will happily talk to him about it.”
3. Mario and Charlotte are talking in the living area.
Mario: “You are my sort of person, Carol is cool…there are some feisty people. I think Carol may explode at some stage.”
Charlotte: “When I walked into the house, Bruce and Vicky looked at us with this look of anger! I don’t know how to judge her. I get a bit scared of her sometimes.”
Mario: “Abz doesn’t say much. He’s cool. It’s like he doesn’t want to know when I go to talk to him.”
Charlotte: “I don’t see Courtney as young…I’m fascinated by her.” Mario agrees
4. Ron and Bruce are talking in the garden.
Ron: “I’d be quite happy to pack my bags and go. I now know this ain’t my scene. I’m having to keep a lid on a lot of things…”
Bruce: “You fit in well.”
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