David Beckham is the world's richest footballer

David Beckham has topped the world's richest footballer's list and is the wealthiest star around, also tipping Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with a net fortune of around 175 million pounds.
According to the Goal Rich list 2013, the Paris Saint-Germain star is approximately 60 million pounds ahead of Lionel Messi (115.5m) while Cristiano Ronaldo (112m) is the third on the list.
David Beckham

At fourth is a shocking entry with Kaka (66.5m), who is out of favour at Real Madrid but is still monetarily extremely sound. Ronaldinho (63m) comes in at the fifth spot.

Samuel Eto'o (52m), Wayne Rooney (50m), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (47), Rivaldo (45.5m) and Rio Ferdinand (42) round off the top 10 of the coveted list.

The net worth of a player comprises of salary, endorsements and other assets. The 50 richest footballers in the world together earned 1.728 billion pounds - which is higher than the GDP of certain nations.

Other remarkable stats point that atleast 22% of the players are eligible to play for the England national side. Also, 37 players are well past their prime in their 30s. It also states that the forwards are the ones raking in much of the moolah

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