Angelina Jolie To Wed Brad Pitt In Russia To Change Vladimir Putin Adoption Law?

“Angelina Jolie’s upcoming wedding has gotten mixed up with Russian politics!” declares the National Enquirer.


According to the tabloid, it began when Jolie “approached Russian President Vladimir Putinabout repealing the nation’s recent ban on Americans adopting children from the country.”

The Enquirer claims Putin responded by asking Jolie to “tie the knot with Brad Pitt in Russia.”

“Instead of selling her wedding photos for millions and donating the money to charity, Angelina now has the chance to make a political statement with her walk down the aisle,” a source tells the magazine.

The Enquirer insider continues, “After she asked President Putin to relax his country’s new adoption policy, he agreed to consider it — IF she agrees to marry Brad Pitt in a high-profile ceremony in the heart of Moscow or one of the famous palaces in St. Petersburg.”


None of this is happening.

Jolie and Putin are not negotiating his nation’s adoption laws.

They are not planning a Jolie-Pitt wedding in Russia.

It is all complete nonsense peddled by the same publication that falsely claimed Jolie has hepatitis C, is getting “extreme plastic surgery” before her nuptials, and has a sex tape Pitt is willing to pay $10 million to hide.

Moreover, the Enquirer also wrongly predicted that Jolie and Pitt would secretly marry last spring in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas… Moscow… 2012… 2013… it’s all the same to the Enquirer, whose sources have been consistently and embarrassingly wrong about pretty much everything related to Jolie and Pitt for years.

While the claim that Jolie and Pitt are now coordinating their wedding with Vladimir Putin is certainly attention-grabbing, it’s 100 percent bogus.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “as absurd as it sounds.”
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