Kate Middleton Finally Pregnant, Says New Report

A new report out this morning says it’s official at last — Kate and William are expecting. Read on for the latest ‘evidence.’

Kate Middleton

Could it finally be happening? A new report on Sept. 5 suggests that Prince William and the 

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton are expecting their first baby together!

“Friends say Kate is convinced it’s happened, and while she and William are keeping the news 

close to the vest, they’re delirious with joy,” an insider confirms to Star magazine. “A woman

 can always tell when the earliest signs appear, and it’s believe that a passionate night together 

at their rented country house on an estate in Wales, just after the end of the London Olympics, 

did the trick.”

News report publishing about Kate pregnancy

 We knew that William and Kate, both 30, were ecstatic at the Olympics, but who knew it would 

translate into conceiving a baby! Perhaps that reported second honeymoon did the trick? 

“William sits in a very open position. Both she and her Prince have genuine smiles as they gaze 

at each other. Even after a year, it appears the honeymoon is still on,” body language expert 

Linda Talley tells HollywoodLife.com of their time at the Olympics

. Unfortunately, an announcement could be held back for as long as two month, the report 

suggests. “It would be formally through the palace press office, but only after the royal 

gynecologist is absolutely convinced that Kate is in peak condition,” the source adds. Kate is 

reportedly hoping for a daughter, one they would presumably name Diana, in honor of William’s 

late mother, but that “may shock the Queen” considering their difficult relationship toward the end.

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