Rihanna Texting Chris Brown Private, Sexy Bikini Pictures

Rihanna Is Texting Chris Brown Private, Sexy Bikini Pictures
Rihanna in bikini
Rihanna is sending Chris sexy photos of herself all the time, a source reveals to us EXCLUSIVELY. She want him back! Read on for the inside scoop.

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been playing flirty games with each other for quite some time now. And as a source reveals, Rihanna is usually the instigator.

“Rihanna is something else, man,” a source close to Chris tells us exclusively. “[She's] putting it out there on a platter for him, and sometimes he bites and sometimes he [doesn't.]“ 
According to our source, Rihanna, 24, recently sent Chris, 23, a picture of herself in a bikini “and it made him smile.” The source says, “It’s the same thing all the time…The sexy little tweets, the bikini texts, the booty shots, she can’t get enough.”

“He low-key likes it and [high-key] likes her,” our source says. But it seems like most of Chris’ friends are ready for the games to end and for Chris and Rihanna to get back together officially. “So there you go – two f***ing crazy…people who [are] trying to make this s*** work. I’m hoping it’s one day soon [because] this…is just too much. Just…be real about [it.] Come on out to everyone. Just get it over with.”
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