Microsoft Announces Its Own Tablet, The Surface

In a major shift, Microsoft has jumped into the hardware business, launching the "Surface," a tablet that competes with the iPad.
Front view
We don't know how much it will cost, or when it will be released. We know Microsoft is working on it.
The Surface is a thin tablet with a kickstand built in. It runs Windows 8.
We took live notes of the announcement. They are below.
Front View

Back View

Side view
Here are the specs:
9.3 mm thin
Full-sized USB port
Magnesium case
Weighs 1.5 lbs
10.6-inch display
Built-in kickstand
Magnetic cover, similar to Apple's Smart Cover for iPad
Cover has a flip-out multi-touch keyboard with trackpad
The keyboard-cover accessory is just 3 mm thin
Two versions: The RT version will only run Windows 8 apps. The Pro version will run all Windows apps.
The pro version is a bit thicker and heavier. 14mm thick. Weighs slightly less than 2 lbs.
Pro version has perimeter venting to keep the device cool.
Pen (stylus) input.
The pro version is essentially a full desktop PC crammed into a tablet.
No price or release date yet.
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