Live Update and Live Streaming: AFC U-22 Qualifiers Nepal Vs Yemen

LIVE update of the match has begun. Stay tuned with us to get the live update of the match.

Nepal U-22 
Nepal U-22
Match Started
AFC U-22 Qualifiers 2012
18-Jun-2012 06:10 PM NST
Dasrath Stadium 
Yemen U-22 
Yemen U-22
29' Sadam Hussian 

                                         YOU CAN WATCH LIVE STREAM HERE

Yemen U-22 won the match 1-0 against Nepal U-22. Stay uppdated with us for nex match on 20th july. Good bye!!!!!!!!1

Three minutes of added time

Just Three Minutes Remaining.....Watch the match LIVE

Just Five minutes remaining, Yemen U-22 is leading by a GOAL against Nepal U-22 match the match LIVE here:..

Final 10 minutes to go, Yemen is leading by a GOAL. Nepalese players need to play more attacking game here. Listen the match LIVE here:

70' Only 20 min to go. But no sign of attack from Nepal


65' Free kick to Nepal. Nepal is pressing hard for goal.s They are playing good in the second half. Anil Ojha is there, wow what a lovely cross, Rohit Chand finds the header but not in the proper direction. What a chance is wasted.. watch the match live here:

61' Nepal is controlling the ball possession but they are toothless in the front. Watch Live here

55' Amir Shrestha In Shiva SHrestha OUT For Nepal

53' Nepal is playing good game in the second half, here is a long ranger from Rohit Chand from 30 yard distance but the ball goes too wide from the target. 

50'Rupesh KC is fouled by Yser al Shaibani, Yellow card is shown. Free kick to Nepal, Rohit Chand... wow what a shot... bad luck to Nepal! Chand hits the woodwork! 

48' Free kick to Nepal, Anil Ojha is right there with the ball, around 35 yard distance, Ojha takes the shot, wow good chance here for Nepal after goalie Esam fails to grip on the ball but Bharat fails to head the ball. 

46' Second half starts...Yemen is leading 1-0 up. Deepak Bhushal OUT, Rabi Thapa IN 

45+1' HALF TIME. Yemen U-22 are leading by a GOAL against Nepal U-22. Stick with us for second half details.

45' One Minute added Extra Time , Can Nepal bring some glory here in final one minute before Lemon Break 

43' Nepalese players are now playing one-two passes, thinking that they can't beat Yemeni in aerial ball


40'  Jagjeet Shrestha, low drive which is easily cleared by defender Ali. Good chance here, Shiva gives a neat pass to Jagjeet Shrestha, oops, what a poor cross

35'  10 mins remaining, Good chance here for Sujal, he dribble pasts two defenders and shoots the ball directly to the post. Nepalese team is trying to make room inside Yemen D-box.

 31' Sujal Shrestha is fouled, Nepal earns a free kick. Can Nepal level the score? Sujal is fouled inside the box but referee signals it for a corner kick. Anil Ojha takes the shot, the ball rebounded to Rupesh KC,good try but his shot goes little wide from the target.

29' GOAL! Ooops! Nepal concedes a gOAL here. Yemeni SADAM HUSSEIN penetrates inside two Nepalese defenders and places the ball into the net giving no clue to goalie, Bishal. YEMEN 1 NEpal 0 GOAL

 27' Free kick to Nepal, Anil Ojha takes the shot, good one, Yemeni goalie punches the ball in, rebounded ball in front to Rupesh KC but latter shoots the ball wide from just outside the D-box

26' Bharat Khawas is fouled by Amaar Hamsan. Yellow card is shown and free kick to Nepal, Can Nepal score a goal here. Jagjeet's low cross is cleared by yemeni defender. Yellow Card

22'  Good match is going on. Here is good chance for Sujal Shrestha crosses the ball, good cross but Yeemni goalie judges the ball well to catch it safely. 

Dangerous move, Jagjeet fouls on Mohamad Sarori, referee whistles for a foul, free kick to Yemen. Just outside the D-box. Yaser Al Sahibani hits the woodwork. Good luck to Nepal!  

18':Long Free kick from Nepal Straight to the Goalkeeper.


17':Bharat has the ball ,cross to Rupesh KC bu straight to golie.

Good move from Rabin Shrestha, good cross from the flank, Bharat is little late to reach to the ball. Yemen goalie saves the ball 

Bharat Khawas dribble pasts three defenders and passes the ball to Jagjeet Shrestha, good cross, Sujal Shrestha goes for a header but not properly connected.  

13':Cross ball, header by sujal but out of post and seems minor injury to Nepalese and Yemen.

Dipak Bhushal crosses the ball from the flank, Sujal Shrestha goes for a header, oh hoooooooooooooo! little wide. good attempt. 

11':Chance for Bharat Khawas . Oh !!!! cleared theball by Yemenis.

10': Bikash Singh Chettri cleared the ball in defence attacked by Yemeni players.

Corner kick to Nepal, Jagjeet Shrestha shoots the ball, Rohit Chand goes for overlapping, good header but goes little wide.  

7': OH !!! What a chance for Nepal and Rohit Chand but cannot utilize it.


Free kick to Nepal as Anil Ojha is fouled. Rohit Chand is ready to take the shot, Good kick taken by Rohit Chand, Bharat Khawas reaches to the ball but Yemen goalie saves the ball brilliantly.  

2':First attack from Yemen, Essam Worafi shoots the ball from 25 yard distance, goes little above the bar. Good start from Yemeni players.
1':Peep !! Here we go!!

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