Jersey Shore Star Deena Cortese Arrested For Being Drunk in Public

Deena Cortese is the latest “Jersey Shore” star to have an embarrassingly bad weekend.

First, nude photos of Snooki leaked out.

Then, most of the rest of the crew got into a “massive” bar fight at a Seaside Heights bar.

And now Cortese was arrested after being drunk in public, a source connected with the MTV show tells Gossip Cop.

On Sunday, the “Jersey Shore” was picked up by local police after appearing intoxicated.

The police say she was seen dancing in the street and slapping cars that drove by.

Cortese was taken away in handcuffs, given a summons, and later released.

Deena Cortese leaves with her parents 
Deena Cortese her parents 

Deena Cortese leaves with her parents 

Ddeena With her parents at home 

Cops Arresting Deena
Cops Arresting Deena

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