Euro Cup 2012 Live Streaming Online: Ireland vs Croatia

The second round of the group stage match on the 10th of June will be Republic of Ireland facing Croatia. Both the teams know each other well and have decent record of six games played against each other. Ireland would want a full three-pointer out of this one otherwise there would be a very tough rod to the knockout stage; beat Italy and Spain both.

The Irish are the ones who will be responsible for the conclusion f the three teams of the group. The team that doesn’t win over Ireland will fail to see the knock-out round. And this something Croatia is well aware of; they know how tough it is to break the Irish.

The Croatian will have to keep up the pace as they would need a strong defense and a very strong attacking to overcome the Irish. A single goal from Ireland would lead the match to unpredictable terms as scoring twice is next to impossible for such a side. However the leading attacker Eduardo da Silva is someone Croatia will be looking forward for inspiration as he is the player that seems to take no pressure and scores even in big games like these.

Match Details
Watch Ireland vs Croatia Live Stream Online Free
Watch Ireland vs Croatia Live Stream Online Free 

Ireland VS Croatia
Group C
Date: Sunday 10 June 2012
Time: 21:45 Ukraine
Venue: Poznan
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