Big Brother Star Game 2012: Mampi have to say Goodbye

It was that time of the week again that no Housemate looks forward to. Last week, three people were put up for eviction from upville and after stressful seven days since Mampi, Lady May and Maneta were nominated. Last Sunday Mampi was chosen to leave the House. The Zambian star had the least votes and is the first Upville Housemate to go. While the girls were getting ready half an hour before the show, Mampi said to Maneta, Prezzo and Barbz that she’s “very happy to be there but her heart is not.” Maneta then said that Mampi misses home. Do you think she’s happy and relieved to be going? The girls then put their bags downstairs, they could hear the crowd cheering next door, which made them, including us, nervous.

The show kicked off with a performance by Tanzanian hip-hop artist, Diamond. Namibian DJ, Umculo, was next to perform and presented a mix to the audience.

Big Brother presenter, IK, then switched to Upville where they could see and hear him on the screen. DKB was asked to stand up and tell Africa who he nominated, to which he said Lady May. Lady May jumped up from the couch and said "I knew it!" She stood very confident while waving her flag. Mampi was a lot less confident and looked very nervous as she waved to the cameras. Lady May was told that she's safe, which left Maneta and Mampi standing side by side.

IK told Maneta that she was safe, and at that moment, Mampi knew she was the one leaving. She gave the rest of the Housemates a hug and made her way out. Mampi then came onto the stage where she was interviewed by IK. The ex-Housemate said that she thinks Zainab has the potential to win because she's "crazy."

IK then turned to the random Nomination machine to see which Downville Housemates get nominated. Ghana's Keitta and Mildred were selected first. A second random Nomination was conducted, to which Botswana's Edith and Eve were selected.

Here is how Africa voted this week (27 May 2012) – Mampi has unfortunately been eliminated from the Upville House.

Here's who which country voted for:
Angola: Lady May
Botswana: Maneta
Ghana: Lady May
Kenya: Lady May
Liberia: Lady May
Malawi: Lady May
Namibia: Lady May
Nigeria: Lady May
South Africa: Lady May
Sierra Leone: Lady May
Tanzania: Lady May
Uganda: Lady May
Zambia: Mampi
Zimbabwe: Maneta
Rest of Africa: Lady May

Total: Lady May = 12; Mampi = 1; Maneta = 2 (Total: 15 Votes)
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