Big Brother 2012 spoilers: Wild card housemates revealed?

The three potential Big Brother 2012 wild cards have seemingly been leaked, on a new voting website run by Channel 5.

The trio of wannabe housemates – Anthony, Bhavesh and Rebecca – will face a public vote after Tuesday’s live launch show.

One of them will be voted into the house on Friday, three days after sixteen fresh new faces enter during the opening night.

The trio include Doctor who fan Anthony, a disorganised goth who models, writes fantasy novels and plays the flute.

Then there’s Bhavesh, an openly gay high maintenance vegetarian receptionist who loves the limelight.
Completing the line up is glam Rebecca, an outrageous food loving drama student who’s always happy and cannot shut up.

The trio will be showcased in a special show hosted by Jamie East on Tuesday night before the live show.

The Big Brother launch night starts from 8PM on Channel 5 on June 5.
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