Euro Cup Live Streaming online: Portugal VS Germany

9th of June will be the mighty day when the Germans will face the Portuguese which will surely be a flaming game. The match will be at Lviv where Potugal will be avenging the loss taken byTurkey 1-3 last week and Germany will be in full form after the recent end of a perfect season.
No doubt that this group is the toughest group of all but the Germans form a young enthusiastic team that would consider taking up anything on a sunny day but when you consider the straight wins from all the qualifier games. Germany’s football team has no doubt the strongest midfield in the world which is led by Mezut Ozil and sided by Thomas Muller and Bastian Schweinsteiger. However Ozil and Khedira have spent time together at Real Madrid which will definitely prove vital to the team. And you can’t forget Mario Gomez and Miroslav Klose who could score whenever, unexpectedly.
On the other hand is Portugal which can never forget the losing to Greece in 2004. However this is the time when the greatest threat to the opponent team comes from Cristiano Ronaldo. Wherever the Germans leave holes in the field, Ronaldo is sure to take advantage especially near the box. The coach is expecting to Ronaldo, Meirieles and Deco to take down the opponents. However, without the ball, the Portuguese have less hope and only defending would do in those spells but manager Bento will certainly take care of that.

Match Details

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Germany Vs Portugal
Group: B
Date: Saturday 3 June, 2012
Kick off Time: 18:45 GMT
Venue: Arena Lviv
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